Rector’s Corner

Parish Newsletters have been a long time staple of churches everywhere.
They have names as numerous as the churches that create them.
The Chimes, Crossroads, The Herald and our very own The Epistle. Someone asked me the other day if
St. Paul’s named it after the Pauline letters. I would suspect that is the case though I
have not been able to confirm. It has served us well over the years and has been
counted on by many as their primary means of communication.
For over two years we have been doing twice weekly emails to communicate
up to date information in the parish. We are continuing to put our efforts into these
formats because they represent the most accurate and current information on the life
and ministry of St. Paul’s and what most people turn to for up to date details. The
world has shifted to electronic communication; no matter how many of us, myself included, have gone kicking and screaming. And yet, I also know that when I am in a new town, looking to go to a new church, or looking up a business when I
need a service, I go straight to the internet. Most of us are standing between two worlds.
We value the legacy of
The Epistle and hope to transform it from a our primary means of communicating parish
life to a magazine style that allows for more in depth conversations around matters of faith and life. We will be publishing bi
monthly and it will include all the things you have come to appreciate. Calendar information will be included but the primary
means of communicating calendar items will continue to be weekly emails.
We recognize that there are a few among us for whom computers are not part of their daily life. We will continue to
include information about events and worship services at St. Paul’s. The most accurate information will be in our weekly
email and on our website. If in doubt, please feel free to call the parish office for an update. 252 728 3324.
Wishing you a glorious and sacred Easter season as you keep the faith.
And let the faith keep you.
Tammy +