Rector’s Corner

From our Rector:

Dear Friends:
The Christmas before we moved to Beaufort a friend gave us a copy of a book called How to Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea. It is filled with all sorts of interesting tidbits including how to navigate, gauge depth, forecast the weather and other sorts and conditions. I am reminded of a comment made by St. Augustine about miracles. He said that “miracles are not so much about a change in the natural world but rather a change in how we perceive the natural world.”
We are spending a good deal of time these days thinking about the natural world as we prepare for a potential hurricane/tropical storm, (Seems like we just did this last year 🙂) keep track of this pandemic, and try desperately to keep our gardens alive. I talked with Holton Eastman earlier this week about his garden and what it took to make sure it produced. He is growing cucumbers and tomatoes; okra and watermelons and it is indeed the battle of the bugs, but he tends it daily. Our lives are meant to be tended daily…to be “read” if you will. We cannot always change what happens to us in this life…. I cannot stop that hurricane from taking out a second dock or yet another roof. I cannot eradicate COVID nor can I control the arrival of the Japanese beetles, aphids or mold but I can control my response to them. I can change the way I see what is before me. I can choose to see that God is somehow in the midst of the madness, offering his presence, his help, his wisdom, his hope. I can open my mind to what else might be learned from these things that cannot be changed only lived through or learned from. So many things are possible if only we believe.

Keep the Faith and let the Faith keep you!
Tammy Lee+