Rector’s Corner

From Reverend Tammy Lee

Time takes on a whole new meaning in December. The way we use it, understand it, and mark it seems to explode into competing realities. We begin a new church year with Advent. It starts not with sweetness and light but with gloom and doom. We are bombarded with the number of shopping days, holiday movies and bake offs until the Christ child arrives. Advent calendars have been commercialized to the point of offering hand cream and bubble bath, tea bags and liquors, chocolate, and cookies, all ceremoniously counted down until magic day “25” at which point the world comes to a crashing explosion of the most vibrant nail polish, tastiest cookie, best liquor ever! Then suddenly it is all over on 12/26 if the trees on the side of the street are any indication. Five days later we do a 180* in anticipation of starting time over at 11:59 pm tonight and doing away with all those bad habits that were reinforced in the month prior. Calendars are 75 percent off. Who knew that waiting upon the arrival of Jesus could create all of this chaos?

Today technically is the 6th day of Christmas. The Orthodox and Anglican communions have just started singing carols in earnest. Presents in some parts of the world are not exchanged until the Epiphany, symbolic of the King’s gifts. In the midst of this almost everyone wants  2020 to be over because somehow miraculously it will take with it the pandemic ….and on and on the dervish goes. Instead of letting time and the times define us, we should instead, through the mercy of God’s grace redefine time.

St Augustine suggested that we should trust the past to God’s mercy, the future to God’s providence and the present to God’s love. I think that is an excellent start.

Keep the Faith and let the faith keep you.