Our Ministers


Our Ministers

The birds whose nests reside at 215 Ann Street have given birth. Maxine the Mourning Dove and Claudine the Cardinal’s diligent nest sitting came to fruition this very week. It was a glorious thing to watch Maxine awake her babies as they hatched this morning while Claudine has been gathering worms since  Monday as her fledgings hold open their mouths in anticipation confident that she will feed them. Everytime a storm cloud would appear or the wind would blow I would wring my hands concerned about their fate and each morning all would be well. Indeed as Julian of Norwich said…” all manner of things will be well.” 
Jesus said “ consider the flowers of the field and the birds of the air” consider them in all their glory  and how God cares for them. What makes us think that God cares for us any less than the least of these whose trust in the Universe is implicit. We have been given an extraordinary opportunity in this time of unease to find our way back to that kind of trust. 
In this issue of The Epistle you will find increased opportunities for spiritual connection, ways to build trust with God, ways to be more connected to the one who calls each of Beloved. I hope you will take the opportunity and see how it shapes your future. It is always a process, a journey, an unfolding… but it is worth every effort to have a soul shaped in ways only God and God alone can do.  Take that risk. I promise you it is worth it. 
Keep the Faith and let the Faith keep you.
Tammy Lee+

The Reverend Tambria (Tammy) Lee, RECTOR






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