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How To Attend Church Online:
Here are some ideas to help you.  For Easter we suggest you get up and put your Easter outfits on, dress as if you were going to our physical church! Gather bells so that on Easter Sunday you can ring them.  Send pictures of you and your family in your on Easter to

We are working as we speak on getting resources out to our children. Sunday School by Zoom may well be a possibility at St. Paul’s. I have ordered special children’s Bibles for each household. The Children’s Illustrated Bible. Until then, my former colleague Boykin Bell in Chapel Hill is doing some wonderful things with the children. See the link on Chapel of the Cross’ website for these details I would also invite you to look at Virginia Theological Seminary’s webpage for education of young souls.

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Pastoral Care
Please contact the office at 252-728-3324 if you have a pastoral emergency.

For all other needs or questions please email church@stpaulsbeaufort.