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Each Monday we will post updates for the week.
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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Beaufort, NC

IS GOD CALLING YOU TO HELP with Afghan Refugee needs? 
St. Paul’s is participating in a project to meet the immediate needs of Afghan Refugees coming to Ft. Pickett, Blackstone, Virginia.  We will purchase tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, feminine hygiene pads, etc. and will get them to the Red Cross in Ft. Pickett.  Please send a check or online donation designated Afghan Refugee Needs.  Any donation is helpful. We suggest $20 or $40.

You may make a donation online at the St. Paul’s website,, Please be sure to indicate on your donation that it is for the Afghan Refugee Needs collection.

Monetary donations are also being accepted. You may make a donation online at the St. Paul’s website,, or by dropping a check off at the church.  Please be sure to indicate on your donation that it is for the Food Pantry collection.

St. Paul’s ECW Bazaar

Well … first the greatest news! Our 2021 Fall Bazaar is on! Everyone is working hard, and very excited.

Now … the not unexpected, but challenging news. Due to rising Covid numbers, we have made some adjustments to our 2021 Bazaar.

Here goes:

1. We will not be having inside in-person sales.  We will add “nice” kitchen, Christmas and  jewelry/accessory items to the online auction.  These are items that can start with a $15 bid.

2. All other items from those three rooms will go to 2nd Go Round, which will be now be held outside under a tent.

3. Our online sales will go live on Friday, Oct. 15 and close on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 9pm.

4. All preordered/prepaid items will be pickup on Friday, Nov. 12!   We will follow the same pickup system as last year.  The public will not be in the Parish Hall. This pickup day is one day earlier that usual so please plan accordingly.

5. On Saturday, Nov. 13 we will have our outside 2nd Go Round, under the big tent.

6. We will not be serving lunch this year. Our lunch committee felt it was not a good idea to bring too many folks into the kitchen to prepare food, but they are already thinking about next year.

We will send out more info later, but we wanted you to be aware of these changes.

Just a few more things:

Our chairpersons need to hear from you! For the Country Store, Frozen Foods, Baked Goods, Unique Treasures and Art Auction, Bedazzled Jewelry, Fine Kitchenware, and Haute Holiday, we need all items in hand by October 1st so that we can take pictures of them for online sales. That leaves us less than 10 days to pivot and rework our plan. The list of chairpersons is below.

Let’s get going!

Thank you all for your amazing work on the Bazaar. With the money we raise we will do God’s work in our community. 

Laura and Cindy

Calling all artists and shoppers-the bazaar needs you! We have and continue to receive amazing contributions from folks’ china cabinets for the bazaar’s auction. We need your artwork, too. Last year our artists really helped boost bazaar coffers and enhanced the homes of lucky buyers. Please help us repeat history.

We hope you will be generous again and purchase something from a local business for the auction. Each gift certificate went for more than the value in 2020. Let’s do that again. So far we have gift certificates donated by a parishioner to Aqua and to Clawson’s. We also have Polish pottery items purchased from Ginny Gordon’s Gifts and

Drop your donations off at the church office. Call Sarah Jo Safrit at 252-241-4615 if you have questions, want suggestions or need your donation picked up.

The Frozen Foods Committee is gearing up for another successful sale at the bazaar. We will focus on tried-and-true favorites that have sold well in the past.
Again this year, frozen foods will be sold online starting October 15 – everything will be pre-ordered and pre-paid before the bazaar.
We will be calling parishioners who have provided frozen dishes in the past. If you are new to St. Paul and would like to participate, please reach out to one of us to discuss what you might make.
We will need these foods:

  • Soups and stews, such as chili, Brunswick stew, chowder, beef or chicken with rice or noodles, and some vegetarian soups.  Plan to cook at least 5 quarts of each item.
  •  Casseroles such as quiches, ravioli, enchiladas, breakfast casseroles, pot pies. Each casserole should serve at least 4-6. Plan to cook at least 5 of your item.



Frozen items can be brought to the Parish Hall on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, November 8-10, from 10:00-12:00.
Let’s get started! Frozen Foods is a big money-maker for Bazaar, and we look forward to working with our wonderful St. Paul cooks.

Sylvia Wheatly

Allison DuBuisson

ECW Bazaar Co-Chairs
Cindy Cash
Laura Snyder

Finance and Technology
Mary Duane Hale

Tech Support
Jean Kiesow

Unique Treasures and Arts 
Sarah Jo Safrit
Assisted by: Doris McMullen, Carol Sadler, Alicia Ragsdale, Donna Ivey, and Trish Shepherd, Jimmy Pake

Baked Goods 
Len Gilstrap
Assisted by: Diane Meelheim and Vicki Morris

Frozen Foods
Allison DuBuisson

Sylvia Wheatly
Assisted by: Norma Gardner

Country Store
Missy Bailey
JoAnn McComas

Second Go-Round
Peggy Stallworth
Susan Schmidt
Debbie Corbett-Cooper

Jewelry Boutique
Eva Higgins
Anna deButts

Christmas Boutique
Lynda Phillips
Laura Mosier

Gourmet Kitchen
Rosemary Green

Cash Raffle 
Barbara Bryan

Pastoral Care Please contact the office at 252-728-3324 if you have a pastoral emergency. For all other needs or questions please email

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
215 Ann Street
Beaufort, NC  28516