Rector Search

Search Committee Update:

Fellow Parishioners:
About one month ago the search committee met with Canon Matt Stockard to receive the names of individuals interested in pursuing discussions
about St Paul’s posted Rector position.
We subsequently have contacted all of these very qualified individuals asking
for supplemental information. The committee has been reviewing the resumes,
their individual ministry profiles (numerous essay answered questions), watching
sermons, and considering their answers to our posed questions.
We will soon begin interviewing candidates and checking references. Once
we narrow down the list to a few individuals we will provide those names to Bishop
Skirving for his review. Subsequently, pending his approval and required background checks, we will make a recommendation to the Vestry for their consideration.
Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this process of discernment
for St. Paul’s.

Rob MacArthur
Chairman, Rector Search Committee
St. Paul’s Rector Search Committee – Rob MacArthur, Chair; Rich Chadwick,
David DuBuisson, Norma Gardner, Len Gilstrap, Marianna Hollinshed, Judy Mercer, Tricia Phillips, Carl Ragsdale and Frank Sherman