Rector Search

Rector Search Committee

February Update
Throughout December and early January the members of the committee met
with as many of the St. Paul’s parishioners as possible in small focus group discussions.
Through asking everyone four broad questions we gathered thoughts
and perspectives about our parish and our needs.
All of that information was catalogued, sorted, and ranked by expressed frequency.
Our committee thoughtfully referenced and reflected
on the focus group data to complete our Parish Profile.
The profile includes financial and demographic questions easily obtained through standard records.
Additionally, we had to “tell our story as a parish” through thirteen short essay questions like:
“Describe your liturgical style and practice;” or
“Describe a moment in your worshipping community’s recent ministry
which your recognize as one of success and fulfillment;” or
“Please provide words describing the gifts and skills essential to
the future clergy leaders of your worshipping community.”
This completed Parish Profile has been submitted to
the Vestry for review before submission to the
Canon of the Ordinary (The Rev’d Canon Matthew E. Stockard).
Once received, Canon Stockard will develop various online portfolios
for a period of Candidate Development (six to eight weeks).
During this period the Search Committee meets with
the Canon to the Ordinary who gives the Search Committee
guidance for the next stage entitled “Engaging the Clergy.”
Rob MacArthur
Chair of the Search Committee